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Monday, June 25, 2018

Register for 2018 NEDA

Last week Extension Directors and Administrators and key partners received an invitation to register and attend the 2018 National Extension Directors and Administrators (NEDA) and Cooperative Extension Section (CES) Business Meeting. "The City of Roses", Portland, Oregon, is the backdrop for the meeting to be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Downtown. The early-bird registration rate of $350 includes round-trip transportation to Ecotrust on Tuesday, October 2 for a CES Celebration and Passing of the Gavel. Register using CVent and with hotel (Code:APL) by September 10 to avoid consequences of offsite lodging or higher fees. Complete details, including theme, goals and FAQs, are available to

NEW DATE Next Generation Extension - Learning for Leaders 8/3 - Unraveling the Mysteries of CES and ECOP - On May 29-30 a group of newer leaders of the Cooperative Extension Section (3 years or less) joined ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd in Washington, DC for 2018 Capital Quest. A survey of participants revealed there is a great deal to learn about the Cooperative Extension Section and the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy! Go figure when nearly half of all Extension Administrators and Directors have 3 years or less of experience leading their respective extension institutions. In response to this feedback, Chuck has decided to focus his next conversation with colleagues on unraveling the mysteries of CES and ECOP. The Next Generation Extension - Learning for Leaders that was scheduled for July 6 is postponed until Friday, August 3, 3-4:00 p.m. Please hold the date and stay tuned for more details to follow! Missed earlier opportunities for one of these sessions? Listen to recordings and feedback is always welcome!

Artis Stevens, CMO,
National 4-H Council
National Recognition for 4-H Grows Campaign - The 4-H Grows Campaign is a collaborative effort to increase access to and enrollment in 4-H across the country. This strategic efforts to raise awareness of and grow 4-H has received significant recognition from the American Marketing Association. AMA's National Non-Profit Marketer of the Year Award will be presented to National 4-H Council Chief Marketing Officer Artis Stevens in July for leading 4-H's innovative alumni marketing strategy -- resulting in a significant increase in 4-H’s brand relevancy, revenue and reach. The award recognizes the vision and leadership efforts of the 4-H System to unite Cooperative Extension, USDA and National 4-H Council under one cohesive brand strategy across the country, ultimately laying the groundwork for the successful adoption of the 4-H Grows campaign.

USDA Rural Development Resources Available in Every State - Rural Development (RD) has many programs that complement the work of Extension across the country. Field staff work closely with the ag community and other rural leaders to ensure that communities have affordable housing, and essential community services such as schools, libraries, hospitals; and vital infrastructure such as broadband, water, and reliable electricity. RD provides capital for lenders, agricultural producers and rural businesses through programs like the Value-Added Producer Grant program, which can help transform commodities into higher-value products – such as grapes into specialty jellies. The Rural Energy for America Program helps reduce energy costs by installing renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, and anaerobic digesters; and energy efficiency projects such as new HVAC systems, lighting, and irrigation systems. USDA micro lending programs provide capital to start or grow a small rural business. Existing USDA borrowers, such as local utilities, create revolving loan funds that relend to rural businesses. Our Cooperative Service programs help strengthen existing co-ops and start new ones. Finally, at Rural Development our work is driven by three key principles: Innovation, Partnerships and Infrastructure. Secretary Perdue created an Innovation Center to help transform rural areas. Modernizing infrastructure and building new partnerships – such as with the Extension community – will strengthen our rural communities. Bette Brand, Administrator, Rural Business-Cooperative Services encourages Extension Administrators and Directors to reach out to USDA Rural Development offices.