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Next Generation Extension - Learning for Leaders Series

      The series skips the month of June and July session is postponed. The next issue occurs Friday, August 3, 2018, 3-4:00 p.m. ET. Topic is to be determined. Stay tuned to email for more information. Thank you for tuning in.

      • Conversation About Inclusivity in 4-H Programming - On May 18 ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd and Chair-elect Ed Jones moderated a conversation with Extension Directors and Administrators and the following Land-grant experts.
        • Joining Ed Jones, Kay Heidbreder, University Legal Counsel, Virginia Tech
        • Glenda Humiston, Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California, and joining Glenda, Katherine Soule, Extension Director for SLO & SB Counties & Youth, Families & Communities Advisor
        • ECOP 4-H Leadership Committee Co-chair Andy Turner, State Leader for the 4-H Youth Development Program, Cornell University, and joining Andy was Melissa Schroeder, Youth and Family Leader, Schuyler County, and Eduardo Gonzalez, Jr. Statewide Diversity Specialist
        Resources from the conversation are available at
        The link to the presentation is provided below and comments and questions are welcome at
      • Framing Cooperative Extension's Response to the Report to the President of the United States from the Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity - ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd and 3 deep-thinking, distinguished presenters explore this emerging opportunity. The Land-grant Cooperative Extension Section (CES) is strongly positioned to address the challenging issues in Rural America. Highlights:
        1. Develop a shared template intended to showcase efforts
        2. Generate a single CES report telling the story holistically
        3. Each state/university tell own story in its own way

        The link to the presentation is provided below and comments and questions are welcome at

      • What the Cooperative Extension Section Wants to Know About the Well Connected Communities Project - ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd features Michelle Rodgers (ECOP Chair 2016), Program Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Partnership, Well-Connected Communities. Karla Trautman, South Dakota State University, relates here experiences of participating in the first wave of land-grant institutions. More information about professional development opportunities for the System are coming soon in the ECOP Monday Minute. Send questions and comments to

      • Key Insights To Leading an Urban Extension Program March 2018. Dr. Brad Gaolach discusses how both Washington State University’s and his county’s expectations of an urban Extension program changed the focus of their efforts and the choices they have made to stay relevant in an urban setting. A few questions from colleagues included: "How do you handle salary commitments in the context of short term projects vs long-term programmatic commitments?"; "Are staff responsible for obtaining a certain percentage of their salaries thru grants and/or contracts?", and "What pushback have you received from urban stakeholders who were involved in direct education in the past and no longer serve through your policy/system approach? Send questions and comments to
      • Cooperative Extension Contributions to University-level Mission of Land-grant Universities February 2018. ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd leads a dialogue with the Cooperative Extension Section that focuses on contributions to university-level mission of our Land-grant Universities.
        1. CLICK HERE to view the summary of contributions from the conference Zoom Chat. 
        2.  Extension Directors/Administrators are encouraged to contribute more to this dialogue and ask questions on this topic by emailing
      • 10 Big Ideas to Think Differently About the Future of Extension January 2018. Presenters: Chuck Hibberd - Moderator; Brian Higginbotham, Utah State University; Laura Perry Johnson, University of Georgia; Marshall Stewart, University of Missouri; Debby Sheely, University of Rhode Island; Carolyn Williams, Prairie View A&M University (Texas)
        1. A recording of the presentation can be viewed by clicking title above. 
        2. Extension Directors/Administrators are encouraged to contribute more to this dialogue and ask questions on this topic by emailing
      • Leadership Opportunities for Extension Directors and Administrators to Make a Difference With the Opioid Epidemic? December 2017. Presenters: Chris Boerboom, North Dakota State University – Moderator; Anne R. Lindsay, University of Nevada-Reno; Ahlishia J. Shipley, National Program Leader for Family and Community Health, FCS, NIFA, USDA; Mark Skidmore, North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
        1. Recording of the presentation can be viewed here (click title above). 
        2. PowerPoint presentation is available for download at
        3. USDA-NIFA Rural Health and Safety Education Program resource is available at
        4. ACTION Submit curricula, programs, or resources to share that can be used to address the opioid crisis at Please forward this link to program leaders or specialists if needed. The value of the toolbox is in its contents. 
        5. Link to tool box will be inserted here as soon as it becomes available. Stay tuned to ECOP Monday Minute for the release.
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