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Next Generation Extension - Learning for Leaders Series

Unraveling the Mysteries of ECOP and Cooperative Extension Section - On August 3, 2018, ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd, University of Nebraska, was joined by ECOP Chair-elects Ed Jones, Virginia Tech (2019) and Mark Latimore, Jr., Fort Valley State University (2020), to present the Next Generation Extension - Learning for Leaders Session. The topic was requested by the participants of the recent CES Capital Quest program. To review or engage here are the details:

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A Conversation for Extension Directors and Administrators About Inclusivity in 4-H Programming - On May 18 ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd and Chair-elect Ed Jones moderated a conversation with Extension Directors and Administrators with a panel of Land-grant experts. Joining the session were  Ed Jones, Kay Heidbreder, University Legal Counsel, Virginia Tech, Glenda Humiston, Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California, and joining Glenda was Katherine Soule, Extension Director for SLO & SB Counties & Youth, Families & Communities Advisor, ECOP 4-H Leadership Committee Co-chair Andy Turner, State Leader for the 4-H Youth Development Program, Cornell University, and joining Andy was Melissa Schroeder, Youth and Family Leader, Schuyler County, and Eduardo Gonzalez, Jr., Statewide Diversity Specialist. Click Here to download resources from the conversation. The link to the recorded presentation is Comments and questions are welcome at

Framing Cooperative Extension's Response to the Report to the President of the United States from the Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity - On Friday, April 20, 2018, ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd and 3 deep-thinking, distinguished presenters explore this emerging opportunity. The Land-grant Cooperative Extension Section (CES) is strongly positioned to address the challenging issues in Rural America. Highlights:

  • Develop a shared template intended to showcase efforts
  • Generate a single CES report telling the story holistically
  • Each state/university tell own story in its own way
The link to the presentation is and comments and questions are welcome at

What Extension Directors and Administrators Want to Know About Well Connected Communities On Friday, April 6, 2018, Project Director Michelle Rodgers (University of Delaware) introduced Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Dr. Monica Vinluan. Hear how Karla Trautman, South Dakota State University began the project at her institution. The link to the presentation is

Key Insights to Leading an Urban Extension Program - On Friday, March 2, 2018, ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd was joined by Washington State University's Dr. Brad Gaolach offered Extension Administrators and Directors interesting insights to bridge the world of academia with community-based applications in urban communities. Gaolach's Urban Extension story and the dialogue with Leaders across the nation is available on video at Direct comments and questions to

Can Cooperative Extension Contribute to the University-level Mission of Our Land-grant Universities - On February 2, 2018, ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd moderated a dialogue with the Cooperative Extension Section focusing on contributions to university-level mission of Land-grant Universities. Directors and Administrators shared examples of mission alignments, methods of engagement with upper administration, rewards/benefits for contributing to higher education mission, engaging students, challenges/barriers to alignment, and trepidation/resistance for transitioning to more comprehensive involvement. It is not too late to be part of this dialogue. The recording is now available at Written contributions are also available. Send more contributions to

10 Big Ideas to Think Differently About the Future of Extension - On January 5, 2018, a web conference included 5 Extension Administrators or Directors each sharing 2 big ideas about what they see in the future of Cooperative Extension in their respective state and nationally. More than 30 institutions participated. You can view this conference at ECOP Chair Chuck Hibberd encourages Extension Administrators and Directors  to continue the dialogue on this topic by reviewing the recording and sending your questions/comments to ECOP Executive Director Rick Klemme at

Leadership Opportunities for Extension Directors and Administrators to Make A Difference With The Opioid Epidemic? - The inaugural session of the Next Generation Extension - Learning for Leaders occured on Monday, December 1, 2018.  The recording of the session is available at