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Monday, October 9, 2017

2017 NEDA Photo Highlights

Extension administrators, associate administrators, directors, and associate directors, from 47 US States, District of Columbia, and 3 US Territories met in Burlington, Vermont last week for the 2017 National Extension Directors and Administrators (NEDA) and Cooperative Extension Section Meeting. 106 participants in all enjoyed a series of interactive professional development presentations and panels. The Program presentations will soon be available here on the ECOP Monday Minute, NEDA Links and Downloads (right panel of web view). ECOP met as well in conjunction with NEDA; CLICK HERE to view that agenda.

Hold the Date-New Administrators' Orientation December 12-14 in Alexandria, VA - Lyla Houglum and Robin Shepard (EDA Team) have been working with Wendy Fink (APLU), Eric Young (ESCOP), and Bill Hoffman (USDA-NIFA) on a wonderful opportunity for new Deans, Directors, Administrators or other Land Grant administrators, even those with a few years’ experience. This workshop is intended for individuals who are part of the APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly and their supporting administrators or faculty and U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute for Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) personnel who have entered an administrative position since 2013 and any others who would like to learn more about APLU, the land-grant university system, BAA, and USDA-NIFA. Information presented will be particularly useful to administrative heads, directors, associate/assistant directors, and USDA-NIFA national program leaders and administrators. For more information on the orientation learning objectives or to register for the workshop CLICK HERE.

National Impacts Database Team Report - was established five years ago, and it now contains 2,144 statements from throughout the system. In 2014 and 2015 submissions peaked with approximately 600 impact statements were received each year, while in 2016 saw just 324 statements were added. While there are some outstanding examples of strong, high-impact programs projects in the database, many entries are not well written or lacked demonstrated impact. As a result, a Content Writing team was initiated, composed of 2 communication writers from each region who have experience in writing impact statements. The content team met in 2015, 2016 & 2017, with funding support by ECOP and ESCOP. This team reviews impact statements that have been entered by the states and edits them into high-quality impact statements. These statements are used under the “Areas of Impact” section on the front page of the website. Over the last year, a national team of impact writing experts created an online training that is available through eXtension, and groups of content committee members have presented several regional impact writing trainings upon request. At last count, more than 700 individuals had completed the online training, but only 28 of the 303 editors, who actually input statements into, have completed the training. The Content Team has noted that the quality of impact statements from the 1890 institutions has increased significantly over the past year, attributed in part to a face-to-face training that was held with the 1890 institutions this past year. ECOP Appointee Karla Trautman, South Dakota State University,, co-chairs the National Impacts Database Team with Bill Brown, University of Tennessee AgResearch.

Making the Extension + Engagement Connection through APLU, Get Engaged in the 2018 CEO/CICEP Summer Meeting in Richmond, VA - The APLU Council on Engagement and Outreach (CEO) and Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Prosperity (CICEP) will hold a joint summer meeting June 25 – 28 in Richmond, VA, hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University. CEO and CICEP invites Cooperative Extension professionals to attend this meeting, and look forward to enriching the engagement conversation with the Extension perspective. Please save the dates and plan to attend. To receive email notification when meeting registration is available, contact Jim Woodell at APLU ( Jim is also accepting ideas for sessions for the Planning Committee to consider that would fit the theme of Creative Placemaking for Healthy Communities, meant to explore the intersection of Extension and broader university engagement. Sessions will focus on collaborations that are tackling cultural, economic and social issues which impact the health and well-being of our communities. Exploration is underway with the Rural Regional Development Centers about a session that might contrast these kinds of partnership development in rural and urban regions. Stay tuned to the ECOP Monday Minute over the next few months to discover ways in which Cooperative Extension and CEO/CICEP might build stronger connections.