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Monday, September 17, 2018

Tradition With a Twist: 2018 NEDA

Ecotrust is the venue for ECOP passing of the gavel on Oct. 2 in Portland, Oregon.
Beginning this year ECOP will conduct the traditional "passing of the gavel" at NEDA instead of at the APLU Annual Meeting. On Oct. 2 NEDA registrants will be transported from the Embassy Suites Downtown Portland to Ecotrust. Upon arrival everyone will enjoy a reception of "tastings" specially prepared by the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center (FIC) Agricultural Experiment Station, a resource for client based product and process development, packaging engineering and shelf life studies, food safety, and consumer sensory testing. During the catered dinner program, Chair Chuck Hibberd, University of Nebraska will share successes and appreciation, pass the gavel to Ed Jones, Virginia Tech, and be honored for his leadership. Guests traveling to Portland with NEDA attendees may register for this special event by September 24 at Contact Sandy Ruble for more info.

JOE Special Issue Guest Editors starting top left: Ken La Valley, University of New Hampshire; Eli Sagor, University of Minnesota; Debby Sheely, University of Rhode Island; Jerry Thomas, Ohio State University; Nathan Meyer, University of Minnesota, and Terry Meisenbach, eXtension Foundation, Inc.
Journal of Extension Special Issue on Innovation - From the editors: "Cooperative Extension’s innovative and connected educators have been developing and promoting contemporary, practical education to meet the country’s needs for more than 100 years. As we look ahead to Extension’s next century, we must consider the myriad factors that will influence our continued work with communities to address the nation’s most complex challenges. This is especially true as we consider Extension’s changing audience, people of all walks of life in urban and rural communities. This Special Issue on Innovation reaches across the Extension system to mine our colleagues’ innovative practices. We invite you to use this compilation of 22 articles from across the Extension system as a resource to innovate your own programming, a charge to think differently, and a source of new colleagues with whom to collaborate."

Share Impact Collaborative Summit Registration by 9/20/18 - eXtension is bringing partners to the Summit for Extension project and program teams. The deadline to register is September 20, 2018. To fuel project advancement, eXtension is engaging and involving important Cooperative Extension external partners at the Impact Collaborative Summit. The Summit is October 16-18, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN. Partners will be on-site to offer coaching, advice, and advise participants on alignment with potential collaboration for funding. Partners that attendees can expect to work alongside include Family Foundations, Community Foundations, United Way, Philanthropy Serving Organizations, USDA, Rural LISC, Agricultural Leadership Programs, Crowdfunding Platforms, and more! One of the benefits of the Summit is to help expand the capacity of project and program teams with new partners. Click here to learn more and register.

Collaboration with NRCS - On Friday, September 14, 2018 members of the Cooperative Extension Section and Jeff Jacobsen representing Experiment Stations conversed with Jimmy Bramblett, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Deputy Chief for Programs, Sharif Branham, Director of Conservation Planning and Technical Assistance Division, and Amanda Schaller, Conservation Technical Assistance. To review the conversation, please use the following links:
    PowerPoint: Collaboration with NRCS