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Monday, July 31, 2017

New Directors and Administrators Orientation at NEDA

The ECOP Personnel Committee is planning a New Director and Administrator Orientation for Monday, October 2, 4:30-6:00 p.m. to precede the 2017 NEDA Meeting reception in Vermont. Navigating the Politics of Change and Budgets will consist of panelists from 1890, 1862, and 1994 land-grant institutions. This annual session is especially helpful for those with 1-3 years’ experience, is included in the cost of NEDA Registration, and limited to 45 participants. Go to to register for NEDA by September 18 and save on the registration fee.

Promoting Participation in the Upcoming Ag Census - On behalf of ECOP, Executive Director Rick Klemme is working with USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) officials to ensure as high a response rate as possible in the upcoming Ag Census. Being mailed to U.S. farmers and ranchers late this fall, the 2017 Census of Agriculture provides invaluable data to those who serve farmers, ranchers, and rural communities, including federal, state and local governments, agribusinesses, trade associations, Extension educators, researchers, even farmers and ranchers themselves. Census results help shape farm programs and boost services for communities and the industry. To help spread the word, check out the 2017 Partner Tools. There you’ll find census promotional items and tips, including how to connect with NASS on social media. The gateway to share with producers in order for them to be counted is For more information, visit or call (800) 727-9540. The Census of Agriculture is a producer’s voice, future, and opportunity.

US Commitment to National and International Agricultural Research and Extension - The Association for International Agriculture & Rural Development (AIARD), a group of university, business, foundation and government leaders, has just issued a report titled, SMART Investments in International and Agriculture and Rural Development which showcases the importance of maintaining US commitments to agricultural research and extension that support food security at home and abroad. The report's recommendations focus on strengthening opportunities in both the Farm Bill and in foreign assistance appropriations legislation. This report will be particularly important to those who are keen to maintain American leadership in the agricultural sciences through global engagement.

L-R: C.Y. Wang, South Dakota State University; Paula Peters, Kansas State University;
Jill Thorngren, South Dakota State University, and Laura Stephenson, University of Tennessee.
SNAP-Ed Program Development Team Changes - C.Y. Wang (South Dakota State University) and Paula Peters (Kansas State University) have stepped down as members of the Land-grant University SNAP-Ed Program Development Team (PDT) Executive Committee. Drs. Wang and Peters have each dedicated years to the oversight of the PDT and worked to make the team an ongoing success. "ECOP thanks them for their many years of generous service and wishes them all the best in the future," says ECOP Chair Fred Schlutt. Welcome to Jill Thorngren (South Dakota State University) and Laura Stephenson (University of Tennessee) who have accepted the positions on PDT Executive Committee. Additionally, Dr. Thorngren will provide personnel and financial supervision of the SNAP-Ed Office, which is located at South Dakota State University. Based on the positive vote of a 2016 poll of participating institutions within the Cooperative Extension Section, ECOP reauthorized SNAP-Ed annual assessments to support PDT efforts through 2019.