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Monday, July 20, 2015

Celebrating 125 Years

Congratulations 1890 Land-grants! Please enjoy this photo gallery of ECOP members and other Cooperative Extension leaders participating in the 1890 land-grant university 125th anniversary celebration last week in Washington, DC. 

ECOP Chair Delbert Foster, Ann Schlutt, Fred Schutt-University of Alaska
L. Washington Lyons-1890 Executive Director

ECOP Chair - Delbert Foster,
South Carolina State University

1890s Region ECOP Member - Celvia Stovall with
Alabama A&M University colleagues.
Doug Steele-Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Fred Schlutt

Fred Schlutt, Delbert Foster

Gina Eubanks, Southern University Ag Center,
Fred Schlutt

Steve Slack, Ohio State University-Immediate Past-chair of ESCOP, Jimmy Henning-University of Kentucky-Immediate Past-chair of ECOP,Michelle Rodgers-ECOP Chair-elect, University of Delaware

Mark Latimore, Jr.-Fort Valley State University

Mark Latimore, Jr with Jeff Myers, JCEP President,
University of Maryland

Michelle Rodgers-University of Delaware
Albert Essel-Delaware State University

Michelle Rodgers-University of Delaware
Jimmy Henning, ECOP Immediate Past-chair

Jeff Myers, University of Maryland
Nancy Bull, Northeast Extension Director